Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spring Green

Waking up to great news this morning really set the mood for my day. After finding out that my fashion article submission was received well by the magazine I wrote for, my smile just never left my face. So, since I was feeling so chipper and ridiculously happy, I decided to wear an outfit that reflected that as well. To me, bright colors are truly what embody a very upbeat, lively feel. I mean, after all, isn't that what spring colors are all about? They reflect the life that has literally sprung up around us. Granted where I live, it feels more like summer, I still have until June 21st to flaunt the festive colors. 

Enough about why I wore it! Let's move on to what I am actually wearing. I always start off my mornings by picking out what shirt I want to wear, and since I found my stash of American Apparel tees the other day, I of course already had something in mind. After getting out of bed I stumbled into my closet and pulled out my Kelly green shirt and paired it with my all-white denim Levi's that I picked up last year. As far as my shoes go, since they're the last thing I pick out, I went ahead and chose my white canvas shoes from Lacoste since they match the white and green I chose to wear. The whole outfit is very bright and crisp in terms of color, so I traded out my signature black / burgundy bracelets for a nice stainless steel Emporio Armani watch. My best friend was gracious enough to give it to me as a gift and I've loved it ever since. What are some of your thoughts on color choices? Do you think they reflect a mood or am I just crazy? 

 (I got the shoes on sale so they were only around $35 when I bought them; cheaper than Converse!) 
Kelly Green AA T-shirt, White Denim Levi's, White Lacoste L27s, Armani watch