Hi there! I'm Anthony, a 20-year-old student soon to begin his journey as a senior at his university. I'm a lover of all things ranging from friends, family, food, animals, nature, the smell of freshly cut grass, or the sound of the thunder on a stormy night. But, above all else, I'm a lover of all things FASHION. For as long as I've been in school, I have always been fascinated with clothing and accessories, and just recently discovered my passion to pursue it as a blogger and that's exactly why I started Of Mice and Menswear! Menswear to me isn't just your typical pair of oxford shoes, tailored suits, or bulky watches, but is a collection of styles that give men a chance to be unique. Fashion occupies a world of its own, and it's a world I want to explore firsthand and share my daily discoveries with you!

Want some fun facts? Well, here you go! :)
  • I was born and raised in Orange County.
  • Spanish was my first language, English my second, and French my third. 
  • My favorite colors are blue, burgundy, and cream. 
  • My favorite types of food are Japanese & Thai. 
  • My favorite desserts are rice pudding (I know, how weird!) & crème brûlée.
  • & I have three wonderful dogs: Chico, Bella, and Lola. 
Thank you so much for stopping by and come back soon!