Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fashionista, or Woodista?

Ever hear of a wooden watch? Well, try this one on for size. +WEWOOD, a sustainable watch company supporting forest conservation, specializes in edgy, one-of-a-kind watches. Made for both men and women, WeWOOD is making its name in the fashion industry with an earthy-chic design made entirely out of wood. With varying styles and colors made from woods like blackwood, maple, and mahogany, the line is making a huge impact. Be sure to visit their website to learn about their watches and find out how you can be a Woodista.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Loafers Leap into Spring Fashion

Loafers, Loafers, Loafers
Loafers are making their appearance in this year's Spring and Summer fashion and I have absolutely no problems with it. I personally love a classic pair of loafers and they are actually go-to shoes for almost any occasion. Although you can wear them out easily and sometimes it's hard to find the right outfits to wear with them, loafers can be versatile if you have the right clothes to work with. Suits, shorts, jeans, you name it and you can probably find an outfit to pair them with. My personal favorites are the boldly colored velvet loafers, such as the mint green pair pictured above. (You can find cheaper alternatives to the pair on the American Apparel or ASOS websites.) Don't forget that you can play around with different styles, such as the more summer-themed woven loafers also pictured above. Style is something you should invest in every now and then, treating yourself to something nice and worthwhile. Although the styles change from year to year, the concept stays the same. With that, I would advise maybe investing in a nice pair of loafers, not just for this season, but for many others to come.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Summer Throwback!

I'm constantly posting pictures of outfit collages, but never any pictures of my own outfits. So, today I'm sharing one of my favorite Spring/Summer styles. Although it's a little dated, I can't help but love the pop of color from these turquoise corduroy shorts that I was lucky enough to find at Target. I bought them in every color they had in my size (not sorry) and knew they would go well with just about anything. I wanted to make sure the color popped, so I paired the shorts with a simple cotton button-down from H&M and my pair of Original Penguin Chukka Boots. I found that the brown hues went really well together and felt really good wearing the outfit out. And even though the weather here in Stockton isn't nice enough for me to get away with wearing this, I will definitely be bringing out a similar style in just a few weeks (fingers crossed!), you should all do the same. Also, be sure to check out some of two of my favorite go-to websites, ASOS and Topman, to find similar styles. Thanks for following! :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Style

St. Patrick's Day Style

St. Patrick's Day Style by anchoneze on Polyvore

It's always hard finding the right piece of clothing to wear on holidays. Even though we all want to be festive, it's a bit difficult when you can't seem to find the perfect outfit. I personally find solace in just adding a touch of holiday color to stay in tradition. So, this weekend's color trend is green for St. Patrick's Day. Since too much green can become a bit of overkill, I plan on pairing only one green article of clothing with a typical outfit. My choice article of clothing will probably be my forest green denim jeans that I love so much, but feel free to play around with what you own. Maybe a cool graphic tee (as pictured above) with those go-to denim jeans? Or, if you have extra confidence in yourself this time around, or if green is just your favorite color, feel free to wearing lots of green. Mix it up a bit! Forest green with mint green, or maybe army green with fluorescent green. It's your style and your choice, but "Irish you luck" in choosing your outfit tomorrow!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Statements

Spring Statements

Spring Statements by anchoneze featuring low heel shoes

Oftentimes I find myself afraid of wearing certain things because of how it might look to other people, but one thing I never hold back on is my shoes. Shoes are always a great staple piece for any outfit or occasion. Pictured here in bright hues, bold patterns, or accented souls, these shoes add a great touch to the outfits and accessories they are paired with. Sure, you could always go with a more simple look, but what fun is that? My personal favorite pairing is the Fossil all-black watch with the Unisex Dr. Marten 3-Eye Oxfords with the black denim jeans. Why? Well, since I love to wear blacks whites, and greys very often I find it best to add a touch of color or a pop of something special (in this case the pattern) in order to not seem too dull. Although I too am guilty of not always wearing what I want, I encourage you all to wear whatever your hearts desire. Stand out - and in this case, stand in style!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sun Out, Sleeves Off

Sun Out, Sleeves Off

Sun Out, Sleeves Off by anchoneze featuring neon jewelry

Now that the weather is warming up here in California, you can now break out your favorite tanks. Pictured here is one of my personal favorites, the British flag graphic tank. Throwing in a nice pair of oxfords, like these with lightly matching blue detail, and pairing the outfit with a colorful watch can really make all the difference. Lastly, never forget to add the finish touch of a nice cologne; YSL's 'L'Homme' is one of my favorite scents for any occasion.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Most Colorful Time of the Year

The Most Colorful Time of the Year
Neon and fluorescent colors are making their way back for the Spring / Summer '13 seasons. The signature 80's and 90's style can be outfitted in many ways. Use simple accessories, like the subtle Blue Crown sunglasses pictured above, or go for a bolder statement by wearing a full collection of colors, such as the icy blue or tangerine oranges pictured above. Either way, do with the colors as you will. Playing around with your wardrobe is always something fun you can do. And if you don't own any neon, start with purchasing something small like a shirt. Since these colors made their way back this year, you never know when they'll make their next appearance.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Forward in Style!

Spring Forward in StyleNow that we've moved into daylight savings, you have more time to wear your favorite clothes during the day. Wear clothes that you love, like your favorite plaid shirt, with a pair of laid back denim jeans. Accessorize with a nicely accented watch and a belt to pick up the hues in your shirt. There's also something about this watch that just draws me in. The classic leather straps give the whole outfit a very simple, yet dapper touch that the look needs to stay well kempt (you can find a similar one here from +American Apparel). Don't forget to add the finishing touch of a few sprays of cologne before you head out for the day. I suggest one of my personal favorites, +Lacoste Essential for men - the scent is bold and lasts all day.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sunshine and Sperrys!

Sunshine & Sperrys Bright and sunny days call for bright and fun outfits. Don't be afraid to wear colors to match the Spring weather outside your window. Dress accordingly! I like to take full advantage of whatever sun I can get, so I wear lighter colors to keep cool. Button-Ups are always a nice touch to any outfit, and the floral patterns pictured here add a little touch of originality. Sperry's overall are a very comfortable shoes and I just bought my own pair not too long ago. I've yet to regret the decision, and as a matter of fact, I maybe wear them a bit TOO often. Nonetheless, I love them! How would you dress up your +Sperry Top-Siders?


Friday, March 8, 2013

Mix & Match

Mix & MatchBefore you say anything, I know, I know, this look is completely a winter or fall look. The warm colors, the thick coat, the earthy tones... They all scream cold weather. However! One thing that you might not consider is how easily you can change that up. Replace the navy anorak with a navy t-shirt or v-neck and you have a completely different look. The desert boots are a personal favorite as well (I have four pair) and you can easily find many different colors and styles on the +ASOS site. I'm not sure how I feel about the all-brown rucksack pictured above, but I am ALL OVER the navy canvas rucksack with the lighter brown accent on the pockets, close, and base of the bag. How would you change up this look to make it spring & summer appropriate?

Rainy Day Apparel

Rainy Day ApparelThe one thing that I love about this look is how simple it is. Some people might contest that the converse are a bit too childish for the sophistication of the coat and formal look of the dark denim, but I think that it would be TOO dressy if there were any other shoes with the outfit. The +Nixon Watches makes the outfit a bit more clean and crisp which I personally enjoy, and the same goes for the white button-down. Overall I think this outfit has a sort of air that resembles a "I tried, but not too hard" attitude which is perfect for rainy weather. Since the rain changes our attitude and desire to wear more relaxing clothing with a laid back attitude, I think that thing collection of clothing exudes just that.